Airfield Information for Pilots

Operating Hours
(effective Tuesday 1st March 2016 – all times local)

Mon-Fri 06:30 to 21:00
Sat-Sun 08:30 to 19:00
24 Hrs PPR

General References

Airport ICAO Code: EGNR
Airport IATA Code: CEG
Airport Type: A – Civil
Longitude/Latitude: W 002° 58′ 40.00″/N 53° 10′ 41.00″ (-2.977778/53.178056)
Elevation: 45 ft / 13.72 m
Magnetic Variation: W 3°20.5′ (2008-04)
Time Zone: UTC 0 (+1DT)
Serves: Hawarden, Wales, United Kingdom

Radio communication frequencies for Aviation Park

Company Frequency: Chester Handling Ops 131.5 MHz
APP: 123.35 MHz
TWR: 124.95 MHz
RAD: 130.25 MHz

Navigation Aids Available at Hawarden


Runways at Aviation Park

  Runway 04 Runway 22
Dimension: 6702 x 148 ft / 2042.8 x 45.1 m 6702 x 148 ft / 2042.8 x 45.1 m
Surface: Asphalt, asphaltic concrete, tar macadam, or bitumen bound macadam Asphalt, asphaltic concrete, tar macadam, or bitumen bound macadam
Longitude: -2.987640 / W 002° 59′ 15.50″ -2.967628 / W 002° 58′ 03.46″
Latitude: 53.171216 / N 53° 10′ 16.38″ 53.185044 / N 53° 11′ 06.16″
Alignment: 045.0 225.0
Slope: >Unknown Unknown
Touchdown Zone Elev.: 31.0 17.0
Displaced Threshold: 984 ft 984 ft
Lighting System 1: High Intensity Runway Lights High Intensity Runway Lights
Lighting System 2: Center row Center row
Lighting System 3: PAPI – Precision Approach Path Indicator PAPI – Precision Approach Path Indicator


Full weather and MET briefings available via on site internet access

AD Rescue & Firefighting

RFF Category 6: As AD hours.
Category 4: Sat, Sun and PH; As AD hours. Higher category on request.
2 Rescue equipment 2x Panther fire tenders (12,000 lt water/1500 lt foam, each)
1 Simon Protector fire tender (4631 lt water/568 lt foam)


Approach threshold Rwy 04: PAPI 3.5 degrees
Approach threshold Rwy 22: PAPI 3 degrees

Taxiway Widths

A: Surface: Concrete Strength: 23/F/D/Y/U
B: Surface: Concrete Strength: 66/R/D/X/T
C: Surface: Asphalt Strength: 23/F/D/Y/U
D: Surface: Asphalt Strength: 23/F/D/Y/U
N: Surface: Asphalt Strength: 23/F/D/Y/U
2 Taxiway width, surface and strength: Alpha: Width: 25 m. Surface: Asphalt Strength: 23/F/D/Y/U
Bravo: Width: 25 m. Surface: Asphalt Strength: 66/R/D/X/T
Charlie: Width: 15 m. Surface: Asphalt Strength: 23/F/D/Y/U
Delta: Width: 15 m. Surface: Asphalt Strength: 23/F/D/Y/U
Golf: Width: 18 m. Surface: Asphalt Strength: 23/F/D/Y/U
Juliet: Width: 10.5m. Surface: Asphalt Strength: 23/F/D/Y/U
November: Width: 15 m. Surface: Asphalt Strength: 23/F/D/Y/U
All movements require 24hrs PPR

Fuel & Oil

Mon – Fri 06.15 until 15min before close
Sat & Sun 08.30 until 15min before close
Fuel: Avgas and Jet A1 for home-based and visiting aircraft (preferential rates for frequent users)
Oil: Turbine and piston

Ground Services

Cabin cleaning

Other Notes to Pilots

Mandatory Handling for all aircraft above 3,000kg MTOW – Contact Aviation Park Group on 01244 536 853
Aircraft with a MTOW below 3,000kgs, please contact Aviation Park Services on 07969 250686 or 01244 538 568 to book in.

Warnings – Reinforcing steel within the concrete pavement of Rwy 04/22 may cause Compass deviation on stationary aircraft.
Possible turbulence from buildings when westerly or easterly wind above 15kts

Glider flying at weekends, up to 3000’ QFE at RAF Sealand, 3nm NNW of A/D
Chimney 561’ aal 596 amsl 241 degrees/3.4nm

Noise – Departing aircraft Rwy 22 climb straight ahead to 1.5 DME before turning on to track. Jet/Turbo Prop aircraft must join final not less than 1000ft QFE

Shopping centre nearby.

High Visibility Clothing

High visibility clothing must be worn when airside.
Passengers not wearing high visibility clothing must be escorted by someone who is.

To and From the Airport

Chester – 4 miles / 6.5 km
Manchester – 45 minutes drive
Liverpool – 25 minutes drive
Motorway access – M56, M53, M6, A55

Taxi/Car Hire/Accommodation

Contact reception:
Tel: +44(0) 1244 536853
Fax: +44 (0) 1244 537268