Charter and Aircraft Management

Business and Leisure Charter

Time flies, so spend less time flying with a business or leisure charter

We can exclusively provide both Aircraft Management and Aircraft Charter Sales at Hawarden Airport.

Aircraft Management

Full flight planning, marketplace sales leads, operational support and pilot resourcing for aircraft operated commercially or privately. Charter clients have the use of our executive lounge, first class handling, on site catering and spectacular rates for hangar space, parking and fuel uplifts.

Aircraft Charter Sales

The perfect solution for those who don’t like to conform to a schedule, avoiding the inconvenience of long check-ins, frustrating queues and cancelled flights.

  • Just advise us of your desired itinerary and leave the rest to us
  • You can fly direct from Aviation Park or any airport of your choice, to any destination
  • Before departure or on arrival, use our exclusive VIP and business/corporate lounge
  • Discretion and privacy assured for you, your family, friends or business

For any queries on the above, please contact us.